Monday, July 12, 2010

It has been way too long. I'm so sorry!!

So...if you have read my previous posts (or even read my blog title), you know that I am a country girl at heart.  :)  I want a farm, I want some land (like, 80+ acres.  Someday...).  I love to learn the old ways, and I am pretty conservative.  Well...we have had quite a few changes around here, but I am fully confident that it is all the Lord's doing, and I am so excited!!

I want a farm.  This is one of my dreams.  I want to grow my own crops, preserve them, and eventually be able to say that all our food was grown or raised by our own hands (yes, this means I want a cow or two, chickens, goats, etc).  I don't have my own land yet (don't even have my own house), but i have a garden.  A huge one.  It is the very first garden in what will be a community garden program in the city of Warren, and I have the privelage of being a part of it all.  The first garden is on an acre or so of empty land behind my church, and we have converted it into a vegetable garden and what will soon be a certified monarch station / butterfly garden.  :)

I will not bore you with details.  I wouldn't even know where to start, anyway.  SO much has happened so fast, but it is all by the Lord's Hand, so I know it is Blessed.  This garden, the Hope Garden, will donate a portion of it's produce to Hope Center, which is a local food bank that allows it's clients to choose their own groceries (as opposed to bags filled with food they might not use).  Some of the produce will also go to places where we see a need for free, fresh produce.  And some of it will come home with those who have helped work the land.  We use organic methods, and so far have recieved almost every plant or tool through donations (God never fails us.  Sometimes He gives in abundance).
I'll stop describing, and start adding pics.  They say it all so much better anyway.  :)

Lexi, sitting in between two rows of tomatoes.

Aimee and a friend, planting onions

This is the front of the garden, in the back you can see the start of our vegetable beds (some pics are a couple weeks old)

Another view of the property, although it's hard to tell how deep the land really goes.  My kids love running all over when we are there.  :)

Just a few of the MANY flowers, fruit and vegetable plants we have received.  We even have two fruit trees!!

This is the crew that has been out in the 90+ degree heat, planting, tilling, digging, and sweating simply out of love and dedication.  :)  I'm in blue, in the middle.  On the left are my best friend Bethany, holding her daughter Kennady, and her husband Rob. On my immediate right is Ralph (Bethany's oldest brother), who dreamed this all up 2 years ago.  To the right of him is Rob's brother Alex, holding Rob and Bethany's daughter Anabeth, and his girlfriend Amy.  We have had many other volunteers, also.  And yes, down in front are my babies hanging out in the wheelbarrow.  :) 

First butterfly garden bed, although I have to add that it is much more developed now.

A closer view of the butterfly bed.

Bethany helping the kids in the children's garden.  We didn't think to have a children's garden until our kids, and the several pastors' kids, who all live behind the garden, wanted to help without an adult monitoring their every move.  Alas, the Children's Garden.  :)

Amerie "helping" in what is now strawberry beds.

A view from the back of the property.  I'm realizing now how badly I need to take more pictures.  :-/

Andrew "helping" hang the Hope Garden sign.  He was quite thrilled when Rob and Ralph pulled out the power tools and he got to watch and "help." :)

A row of volunteers, planting tomatoes.  Thank you!!

And I conclude with my favorite photo...

Andrew, who loves his guitar and making up his own songs, decided to sit in the middle of all the action, right beside the tomatoes.  He played us all some country tunes while we worked in the sun.  I loved every second of it.  :)

That's it for now.  Hopefully you can see why I haven't had time to blog!!  I will take more pictures and post them soon.  I love this garden, and everything that is happening through it and with it.  And I LOVE when God is in control!!

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