Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday morning...

It's Monday.  I stayed up way too late going over lesson plans for the week, plus I'm still feeling sick.  :-P  Half my kids are still in their jammies, and we're a couple hours later on school work than I had meant for today.

Those are my confessions.

I have been slightly productive, though.  I pulled out the zucchini I bought last week, made sure it was still good (I have a bad habit of letting food go bad.  I am working on this), and soaked some flour to make homemade zucchini bread tomorrow.  Today, I will be making the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook recipe for regular zucchini bread, and tomorrow I will make the recipe for Nourishing Traditions soaked grain zucchini bread.  I have to compare them, because I am a little afraid that the soaked version will be...well, a little weird.  We shall see.  I agree with the science behind soaking grains.  The forethought and waiting are something that I need to get used to.  Friday night, I mixed flour and yogurt to soak, covered them with a plastic plate, and left it in the oven for the next day.  I then spent Saturday running around metro Detroit, and came home exhausted and not feeling much like baking.  But I forgot to take the bowl out of the oven.  Sunday evening, my mom lit the oven for pizza.  Needless to say, she was not happy and we are down one Sesame Street plate.  :-/

This time will be different.  And I will blog the results, along with mine and my family's opinions about the two different baked goods.  I'm crossing my fingers for the soaked version.

While we're all on pins and needles waiting, I thought I would share with you links to two of my favorite food blogs.  Most recipes that involve baking include directions for soaking or unsoaking, depending on your preference.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!

Passionate Homemaking's Recipe Index   This is a good blog.  Period.  Natural, Christian, Nourishing.

The Nourishing Gourmet

I also wanted to add, before I go, that I may have a cow lease soon!!  We shall see.  The vendor at the farmers market who provides me with my (very freshly ground and organic) grains and pastured eggs is opening up some cow leases soon.  I am #4 on a list of about 25, but when I asked (again) about the progress of the new leases, this time with my four children standing around me, the owner's heart clearly flip flopped and said, "For them?  Wow...we need to get you a lease very soon!"  And he put a star by my name and said he'd see what he can do!  So within the next month or so, we should be drinking fresh (raw) cow's milk!!  For the benefits of raw cow's milk, click here . For more information, I encourage you to purchase or borrow a copy of Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions, or learn more about Weston A. Price and the incredible research he did in the early 20th century.  The link to the Weston A. Price Foundation is here.  Click on "health topics" for a ton of information.

That's it for now!  I have schoolwork to do.  ;-)

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  1. Exciting (well, cept for the Sesame St. plate). I hope you get your cow lease soon, it's so good to drink raw milk!
    I might try the NT zucchini bread recipe...I have some fresh zucchini in the fridge. I'm going to go look it up, and soak some flour right now!! Thanks for the inspiration :)