Friday, September 24, 2010

Homeschooling and food. :)

Aimee still gives me a hard time when it comes to sitting down and doing schoolwork (if you know Aimee, you know that she loves to give me a hard time about everything, not just school!), but every morning i can't wait to get started!!  Sonlight is literature and history based, and I LOVE to read and I have considered a degree in history many times.  It's perfect!  My kids may never love reading or history like I do, but if I'm passionate about what we're learning, it will make learning seem more exciting.  That's my hope, anyway.  :)

As for the zucchini bread I made, it flopped.  It was wet on the inside and burning on the outside.  I looked up the success of the recipe with other foodies, and they have had the same results.  I was really bummed. :(  I have had much success with these biscuits, though.  My kids loved them and have been asking for more.  I have about 7 pie pumkins sitting on my counter top to try my hand at my own pumkin puree.  I love making pumpkin muffins and pumpkin pancakes.  Here is a link for pumpkin muffins I will be trying soon.

I also have a friend who's mom has her own bees and spins her own honey.  I have been incredibly fortunate to receive some of the leftover comb, and this time I even got a jar of the honey!!

It was full of all the "good stuff" floating around!!  (Read about the benefits of raw honey here.)  The comb I packed into a quart size mason jar for when my sweet tooth needs to be indulged.  :) 

Lexi absolutely loves the stuff, so much that I have to hide it from her sight.  My older kids have been "spoiled" as far as junk food goes, but she's not even two yet.  She doesn't know about ice cream, fruit snacks, or candy.  I'm hoping that I can retrain the older kids, and I know she'll never remember a time that mom gave them the processed junk.  Things like raw honey comb, or fresh berries with raw (homemade) whipped cream will be sweets of choice.  :)  Someday, I hope to own an ice cream maker...

Tomorrow is the Farmer's Market again.  I cannot express how much I love going to Detroit's Eastern Market.  I ran out to our local fruit and vege market yesterday, and left with only a bag of apples and a couple more pumpkins.  All I could think, as I walked around, is, "I can get that at Market.  That, too.  Oh, they'll probably have that, also."  And I can almost always get my produce, eggs, grains, etc. from the farmer himself.  There's nothing better! 

I also picked a few things from our community garden (the Hope Garden.  Read more about it in this post).

 I filled a gallon sized bag with green beans, another with kale, and picked a few eggplants.  I'm going to hunt down a recipe for eggplant lasagna for tonight.  Mmmm...

That's a little bit of our life right now.  Before I go, I'll leave you with one last pic.  As I was trying to take a picture of the Hope Garden veges, my girls were stealing green beans to munch on.  I may not cook them at all, and just leave them as snack foods!!

Have an awesome day!  :)

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