Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A few random facts...

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Man...I wish people knew that about me??"

My mom jokes about her sense of humor sometimes.  "I don't think they get me yet," she says, laughing.  And the fun of it is that they probably don't get her and that makes the things she says even funnier.  :)

I feel like I'm on some weird quest to relearn who I am.  I thought i knew, but I spent 6 years finding my identity in being "Phil's wife" and that's obviously not who I am anymore.  Now I have to relearn,  and I'm actually enjoying finding out all the little things that make up "Liz" (although it's interesting to do it as a 28/29 year old mother of four). 

As I am learning, there are a few moments I've found myself thinking, "I wish people knew that about me!"  If they knew these things, it would save me the trouble of being misunderstood.  Like my mom, and her occasional jokes that some people don't get.  :) 

So because I have a horrid sore throat/earache and need some time away from anything productive, I'm compiling a list.  I am writing it while I enjoy a mug of coffee and some ibuprofen.  Hopefully when I'm done, I can get on with tackling my day.

My list:

1.  I'm very, VERY laid back.  My favorite phrase is, "Oh, it's really not a big deal!"  This affects our homeschooling, which apparently some people don't get.  I cannot start school at 8:00 am and plow through, uber-focused until 3:00.  I would go absolutely crazy.  Most days we start around 9:30 and work on a subject for an hour.  Then we eat something and start again.  Then we break for lunch.  We pick back up after lunch and finish up our work, taking a break for a snack somewhere in the middle.  Aimee usually picks the subject to work on, so it's in a different order almost every day.  This is why I created our sticker chart.  I need a list of tasks each day or I forget to stick with the well-rounded curriculum.  By Friday, we've hit all the subjects.  For an example of similar homeschooler, click here and read the third paragraph.  :)

2.  Apparently I give "dirty looks" completely without my knowledge.  I have NO IDEA how I do it, or why, and i hate that I do it without knowing because i have zero control over it.  So if you're reading this...mean thoughts are very rarely in my head and if you've been the recipient of a look that was taken in a negative way...I DIDN"T MEAN IT!! 

3.  I'm shy.  Very.  So I'm not ignoring you.  I just wonder if you saw me and if i should say hi at the risk of you not seeing me and me looking like a total idiot while you walk by and I say hi to apparently no one.  This happens quite often in the big corridor at church where the nursery and restrooms are located.  I'd avoid that space, but it kinda connects the two sides of the church.   ;-)

4.  I overthink everything.  And I mean everything.  I drive myself crazy.  And my sister crazy.  And Bethany.  Just ask them.  You could probably throw my mom in there, too, but she overthinks stuff, too, so we "get that' about each other and therefor talk it to death together.  :D  For an example, see #3 above.

5.  I am incredibly forgetful.  If I don't write it down, which many times I forget to do, I will most likely forget to call you.  Or bring something i was supposed to give to you.  Or anything that requires the use of my memory.  The only exception is prayer...I have learned that I need to pray immediately for someone I have said that I will pray for, or I may forget someone when I have focused prayer time.  So if I say, "I'm praying for you!" I am most likely doing it at that moment.  If it's continued prayer, the Lord brings you to mind throughout the day and I pray for you again.

That's it, I think.  My coffee is cold and I need to make lunch.  Phil came to take Aimee to the movies and stayed for an hour to visit.  But it kept me distracted while the ibuprofen took affect, and I came back and finished up my post.  Now on to what will hopefully be a very productive (I'll settle for semi-productive) day...


  1. Very nice. Expecially, since a list about you can give people some insight into me, too. (keyboard broken).

    And folks, when she says she shy, she means it. But it's alot of fun hanging out with her in public if you're not the same way! Well, if you don't mind the fact that you will continually be embarrasing her that is!
    Love you. Very much.

  2. Love you, too!! :) <---(keyboard not broken)

  3. I am proud to say I knew all those things about you!

  4. And folks, I am like my mother in the "not shy" dept so it's even MORE fun being out with the three of us! (And by that, I mean it is VERY fun for my mom and I, and not so fun for the shy girl...) ;) <---(keyboard also not broken)

  5. I knew it all too! yeah!
    And I love it all about you...and you can add me to the list of people who think you overthink things. But it doesn't drive me crazy. yet. ;) <---(keyboard also also not broken)