Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oh, What a Tuesday!!

Yesterday was an interesting day.  Had it been 6 months ago, it would have sent me into either a fit of overwhelmed anger, or depression.  I thank the Lord that I am through the dark valley and I made it out the other side. I'll was scary for awhile.  But God is good, and He saw me through it.  Now I can take a bad day and laugh at it, while I roll my eyes at forces beyond my control.

Here's a list of my day, mostly in order of how it happened...

1.  My 2 year old started her day 6:45, instead of the usual 7:30.  That 45 minutes goes a long way toward her mood...

2.  My mom called to tell me that when she went to her car in the morning to leave for work, all of her consoles were open.  The theory is they were looking for cash, because they left anything remotely valuable.  Of course, this is the ONE TIME I forget to lock my van.  And even though they didn't take anything , it really bothered me.  :(  The perpetrator was kind enough to leave me an animal cracker, though.  And no, I'm not kidding.

3.  While trying to steal kisses from Amerie, I somehow got headbutted with her teeth.  It split my lip open and was kinda painful.  :-/  It's still tender this morning.

4.  Andrew was swinging his arms while walking through the kitchen and hit his thumbnail on a kitchen chair.  This bent his nail halfway up the nail bed, and split it up to the bend.  There was blood.  And a lot of tears.  And oh, the crying!!  Of course, this was during naptime, too...

5.  It was one of those days (and know what I am talking about) where each child was exceptionally needy and whiny.  I couldn't walk 5 steps without a child crying and holding my legs.  I finally lost my patience at my son in the evening, when I couldn't even use the bathroom for 2 minutes without a child whining or tattling at the door.  New rule in this house - If you're not bleeding or broken, don't knock on the door when mom's in the bathroom!!!

6.  I've been struggling with a lot going on in my heart and my mind the last couple of weeks.  This was weighing on me pretty heavily yesterday.  Thankfully, I think most of it was resolved last night.

7.  Although I felt super busy yesterday ( by evening, my feet hurt from being on them so much), I don't think I actually accomplished much.  :(  I washed the kids bedding, but that's all I crossed off my to-do list.  I'm hoping today is better.

8.  As I was heading to bed, I found out that a good friend of mine lost a coworker yesterday evening.  My heart breaks for the man's family, friends, and all of his coworkers.  Please keep all of them in your prayers.

I'm thankful, again, for my relationship with the Lord and for all He has done for me and in me.  Days like yesterday don't knock me down anymore.  Today, I woke up with joy and peace.  Maybe today will be like yesterday, or maybe it will be full of happy circumstances.  I don't know.  :)  But God has today in His hands, just as He had yesterday, and He walks with me through it.  The comfort and awesomeness of this continues to amaze me.

We serve an awesome God.