Thursday, January 26, 2012

Awana and the 23rd Psalm

It's official...the kids LOVE Awana.  :)

This was our second week of attending, and both Amerie and Aimee flew through their starter booklets and have earned their vests and Awana books.  Aimee memorized her entire workbook in one night when they told her she could do it all at once if she wanted!!  It had 7-8 "checkpoints," and she had memorized the first two checkpoint verses and questions for her second night.  We thought it would take her 3-4 weeks to make it through the book, but my girlie did it all in one night. I'm so proud of her!!!!

I signed up for a Wednesday night class, too.  The Wednesday night classes run in 4-week sessions, and the next one starts next week.  The class is about the 23rd Psalm and "truly knowing the joy and peace of living under the care of the Good Shepherd."   This is something I am coming to know, yet still struggle with every day.  When I list out all of the ways the Lord has provided for the kids and I, I am amazed.  And humbled.  And very, very grateful.  And yet I still struggle with worry over our needs.  My biggest worry right now is over the coming summer, and then the purchase of whatever we may need for next school year.  If this coming summer is like last summer, I will have no income from mid-June through August.  And that's assuming I will be watching the same kids next year that I am now (if they're not in school...)  I hope I will be, mostly because my heart loves them a lot.  :)  But I've learned that things change and you can't assume the future is certain.

So...that leaves me worrying, but trying to trust.  And trying to save money to get us through summer, but it's really hard when you earn exactly enough for your expenses.

Ever been there??  I'm sure I'm not the only one.  :)

So when I saw the class description, I thought to myself, "Wow.  That's perfect for my life right now..."  I need to trust Him more.  He's not going to leave our needs unmet, and I know He will provide.  And I need to give up that part of me that likes to plan everything out and know what the future will bring, because He's really working on that with me!!!  It's not always for me to figure out.  I need to be obedient and responsible, and He will provide what the kids and I need. 

As for our "new church"...I'm still on the fence about where we're at.  I've had an emotional week, so that could have contributed to my lack of excitement over where we're attending.  I also had a brief conversation with one of those "you're not a member of our church.  You're an outsider," kind of people.  I know that every church has those kinds of people, and I'm certainly not going to judge the entire church by the behavior of one individual.  Everyone else I have met has been incredibly kind and helpful (it's a big church, and on Wednesdays I have 5 kids to corral around a building I'm not yet familiar with.  I've definitely needed help a few times!!)  But I would like to go on record right now as saying that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Warren Woods.  Jon Nich completely spoils us with Worship.  I doubt I'll ever find a church with Worship music like he provides us with.  And I look forward to hearing Pastor Tim or Pastor David preach on Sunday mornings.  The sermon I heard this past Sunday was "okay."  I'm sure I need to give it a few more weeks.  I also miss the friendliness at the Woods.  It's big enough to have lots going on, but not so big that you walk in the door and feel "lost."  I'm sure part of that is because I've attended for 30 years and know a lot of faces, but I've heard many new attenders say that the "warm, welcome" feeling they got when they walked through the door is what made them stay.  And it's true.

So this week...I'm loving Wednesdays for the kids.  I'm sure I'll enjoy my class, too.  But I'm really missing Warren Woods Sunday morning services.  :(

Who knows?  Maybe I was led to this new church just to satisfy my curiosity.  I've never been to another church, and this one has interested me for awhile.  You have to leave what you know to see what you're missing, or to learn that you weren't missing anything at all.  Right?  :)

It's still in prayer.  We will see where the Lord directs my steps.  But as far as kids are hooked!!!


  1. Where did the 5th kid come from?:-)
    The person that treated you like an outsider should be reported to a Pastor!
    Come back to WWCN...we love you the bestest!:-)

  2. The 5th kid is Gabby. I have her until about 7:00 each night, so she comes to church with us on Wednesdays. :)

    And I haven't "left" Warren Woods. I'm just kind of wandering around somewhere else for now. :) I could never leave Warren Woods. It's my home. Some of my earliest childhood memories are within the walls of that church!

  3. My kids attend AWANA at a church we have never attended on Sundays and never will. But everyone has always been very welcoming. Maybe God led you there for Wednesday nights only? And you can still be part of WWCN on Sundays?

    1. Megan...that's where my thinking is this week, but I'm willing to give the new church a few more weeks. I really do feel like I was led there for a purpose, and this week had me wondering if it was just Wednesdays for Awana. It's in prayer and we shall see! : )

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