Friday, January 20, 2012

First post of the year. :)

I keep thinking, "I need to update my blog.  It's been awhile."

But then I think, "What should I write about?  Do I spell out all the changes in our lives, or let them unfold as I resume regular posts?"

I'm going mostly with the latter thought, because it's much easier.  And more interesting.  :)
But I will say a few things...

1.  I have become quite the blog reader lately.  I downloaded an RSS feed app on my phone, and I follow about 15 different blogs regularly.  It's definitely shown me what topics interest me the most, and which topics make for a dull read.  I love, love, love recipes and food facts.  When I grow up (ha ha), I want to study nutritional therapy.  It's SO INTERESTING to me!  But for now, I'm an amateur.  An amateur that reads everything I can on the subject.  :)

2.  I feel like my "crazy, overwhelmed" phase is finally passing.  It was tough for a little while, but I think we've figured out a good routine.  And my "laid-back" nature is maturing to a level that recognizes the need to do things now, because our schedule doesn't always allow a "later."  A good example of this is housework and's so tempting to take it easy on Thursdays, because my kids are gone at their dad's and he does that day's schoolwork with them.  But if I spend the earlier part of the day (when the sweetie pies i babysit are at my house) working on the laundry, and then once they leave (when I'm super tempted to do absolutely nothing for a little bit) get my weekly deep cleaning done, it makes the rest of the week run so much smoother.  I have been so bad about this lately, but no more. 

I've also gotten much better about going to bed by 9:00, which does wonders for the next day.  I thought it would allow me to give up coffee in the morning, since I drink it with way too much creamer.  But alas, I need that "kick-start" to my day, especially when I'm up at 5:30.  :)

3.  The kids and I have switched churches.  I don't know yet if this is an "official" switch, as Aimee has made it clear she wants to come back to Warren Woods sometimes to see her friends, but we've definitely switched on Wednesdays.  The kids have joined AWANA and they LOVE IT!!!  I wish I would have found AWANA earlier!   I liked the first Sunday I attended, too, and the people seem super nice.  But I've spent almost 30 years at Warren Woods Church of the Nazarene.  The idea of switching is really scary for the "shy, quiet type."  I'm keeping it in prayer and not letting fear or nervousness control my decisions.  ;-)  And for those of you at Warren Woods who may be wondering why I would consider leaving, I may post more in a future blog post, but I will say that I love Warren Woods and I am not leaving because of a problem.  It's a stirring I've had in my heart for a little while, but never considered because I'm so at home at there.  But when you get a Holy Spirit stirring, you have to pray about it and follow it, even if you don't understand it or like it at first.  :)  And so far...I like the new church and I feel like I was led directly to it, not just led away from the Woods.

That's a brief overview of some things in our lives.  I'm looking forward to posting regular blog posts again!

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