Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I have so much in my brain that I want to share with all of you!! I "attended" a webinar on vaccinations, breastfeeding, and autism on Monday evening. It was full of an incredible amount of information on vaccines (what's in them, how it affects our children, and how to counteract the damage that may have already been done), nutrition + the importance of breastfeeding, and also a little snippet on the benefit of chiropractics and whole-body wellness.

Now I, for one, have a hard time accepting opinions as "facts." For example, I have been told by many friends that vaccines are "bad" for our children. "Okay," I would reply. "How are they bad?"
"Well, they're full of all kinds of dangerous things."
"Yes, I've heard that. But what kinds of things? Where did you get your information?"

And THAT is typically where the conversation would end. The decision to vaccinate, or not vaccinate, is a very important one. It needs to be well thought out, prayed over, and well-researched. There are two sides to the debate, and both have very strong arguments. I want to bring you the facts, along with where to read it for yourself. And not just about vaccines (although vaccines are a HUGE topic). I have been researching (for my own first-hand knowledge) a broad array of topics. Everything from vaccines, nutrition, and whole-body wellness to the Bible and what the Lord has really spoken to us (I believe the Bible is the God-breathed, Holy Word of God, and that many Christians have allowed others to tell them what is in it instead of daily studying it for themselves).

I grew up eating fast food (sometimes 3 times in one day), my older 3 children have all their shots, and I have always been a trusting, "take everyone at their word" kind of gal. But lately, I have been growing more and more skeptical to our American way of life. Why are we so tired? So fat? Full of so much disease? Aren't we one of the richest, most advanced societies in the world? Why haven't we FIXED anything yet?? Why are cancer and autism rates rising, rather than falling?!? I want answers, and I want facts. Not theories and opinions. And what I have found so far has appalled me. I cannot keep it all to myself. I said a few days ago, I feel the Holy Spirit leading me to share it with you. I fully intend to do this. But please be patient at first, as there is a LOT of ground to cover, and I want it factual, which means time to do research and post links (which also means I need to learn to post links!!). And I will do my best to get the info from the webinar up within the next couple of days.

Until then, stay in prayer and have a blessed day!! :^)

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