Sunday, April 11, 2010

Update, if anyone actually makes they're way here. :)

I know it seems like I am so terrible at blogging that i should just quit while I am ahead, but that is far from the truth. I feel like the Holy Spirit is leading me, and i have been seeking His guidance to where that may be. I am obsessed with nutrition, living chemical free, and learning to be as careful with my money as possible. I am also a student by nature, so i read everything i can about the things that interest me. As a result, I am full of useful (and not so useful!) knowledge, and i feel like the Lord is prompting me to share it with those around me. But, I am also a planner and i am having a TERRIBLE time not having an exact plan and idea as to how to do it. So after much thinking, praying, thinking some more, discussing it with my "team," thinking, sleeping on it, praying, and thinking again (did i mention I am a planner?) i have decided that i just need to blog, and God is more than capable of taking it from there. :) And since i am so bad at blogging, my first goal is just to BLOG. About anything. So be prepared to hear about my cute kids and all the things they do. And maybe my deepest, darkest secrets. :D

I also want to mention (actually, confess) that I have fallen off the food wagon. I had a bit 'o pop this weekend. And frozen pizza. And only gum in between. No breakfast, no lunch. Do I even need to add that I've been crabby?? And I worry so much over my kids. I should add, however, that although I am terrible about eating, I do pretty well with my kids. They get 3 square meals, plus snacks. But I "forget" to eat, too. And when i whip out junk food, it's after they are in bed.
My brain is telling me to hit the "backspace" button. Who cares what Liz eats? I'm also a little embarrassed about how bad I am. But maybe someone will read this one day, and for that person I want to say that any American junk food junkie, lazy-boned, wannabe Country Girl/Hippie/Foodie can change. Because I am going to, and I will blog while doing it. Even if I'm terrible at blogging. Because I need to. And God says so. :)

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