Thursday, December 9, 2010


I put in a previous post that I was super thankful for Tim Horton's Cafe Mochas (I LOVE them), but that I was giving them (and coffee) up.  I have been drinking tea this week to slowly wean myself off of caffeine.  But wouldn't you know it, that as soon as I say i'm going to give up coffee, I am GIFTED coffee from several wonderful people?!

This past Sunday morning, my Uncle Jeff met me outside the church nursery with an extra large (extra large!!!  Whoo-hoo!) Tim Horton's Cafe Mocha.  Uncle Jeffy and I have bonded over Tim Horton's.  I had to do my family duty and accept the coffee.  I mean, I love the guy.  I had to...

Yesterday, Wednesday, I checked my church mailbox and found a Christmas card with a Tim Horton's gift card inside.  It was signed, "from a friend."  Friend...I love you.

And this morning, when a friend dropped of his son (I baby-sit my friend Ellisa's adorable little boy, who is Amerie's age) he had bought me a McCafe caramel coffee (which I've never had before, but really enjoyed!!).  Ellisa has been under the weather, and the coffee was a thank you for helping them out with their boys.  It was a yummy start to a Thursday morning.

So...I say I'm going to give up coffee, and then I am gifted coffee!!  All week!!  I think this is absolutely hilarious.

Maybe I should say I'm going to give up dark chocolate, also...  ;-)

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