Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fresh milk update!!!

We have fresh milk!!!  We've been leasing a cow from Hicks Dairy Farm for about a month now.  This is NOT the one from Eastern Market.  In this lease, I get up to 3 gallons per week and pay $7.50 per gallon.  We drink about 3 gallons a week between the 5 of us.  Every Wednesday, the milk is delivered to a local church, where I pick it up.  And because they actually deliver their dairy, they have to have the bacteria levels tested every other day in their milk tanks.  So I know it's bacteria-free, for those who are skeptical!!  :)

Below is a picture of Aimee's hand pointing to the layer of fresh cream on top.

The kids really like the milk, but I haven't tasted a difference.  I was partial to Meijer Vitamin D before, because it was so creamy and "fresh" tasting, and I think this milk tastes the same.  It was a little rough on our stomachs the first week, but now it just keeps us "regular."  Sorry if that was too much info, but I'm being honest!!  :)

To read about the benefits of fresh milk, I recommend this link.   Just click on the "what, why" etc. links on the left.

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