Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Storm???

There's a winter storm headed this way.  The snow is expected to start sometime tomorrow, and continue through Wednesday evening.  I've heard predictions as high as 12 inches. 

We already have a good bit of snow covering the ground.
My kids have trampled it down and had their fun.  They're looking forward to fresh snow.  Me?  I'm a little skeptical about any predicted storm.  We could get the 12 inches, or less than 6.'s fun to look forward to!  Personally, I'm hoping we get a ton!!  :D  My friend Elissa blogged about her plans if she gets a snowday and how she'll spend it with her boys.  It led me to think about how we'll spend ours.  Of course, we'll have schoolwork in the morning.  That's a minus to homeschooling in Aimee's eyes!  But later I'm planning on making these cookies (recipe courtesy of my sis and definitely a favorite around here!) with the kids, along with chicken and biscuits for dinner.  My parents will be driving home in the snow on Wednesday, and coming home to comfort food should help ease the stress of driving 696!  Depending on the temp and snowfall, I'm sure my kids will want to play in the snow.

I snagged these for Lexi at Target this weekend.  I only paid $3.24!!

I might take her out in the snow for a little bit.  We'll see how much we get.  Theoretically, it could be over her head!!!

We're also going to make snowflakes out of paper.  This website has some fun tips and directions for more intricate designs.  Aimee will like the challenge of copying a design, while the younger ones will practice scissor skills and small motor coordination.  When we're done, I'll hang them from their bedroom ceilings with string and create an "indoor winter wonderland!"

In the evening, if church is canceled due to the snow, I think we might pop some popcorn, light a fire, snuggle together under some blankets, and watch a movie.  The kids want to see Nanny McPhee returns, if I can brave the elements and make it to the nearest Redbox.  :)

Happy end of January!!

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