Sunday, July 10, 2011


I hit what I thought was "snooze" on my alarm, and woke up an hour later than I should have for church.

On the way to church (actually on time!), I remembered that I forgot my next payment for the El Salvador trip that was due today.  I had to turn around and go all the way back to my house.


I was late for church.  :(

I was late for church and had to step over several women to get to my family, who decided to sit in the middle of the row, instead of on the end,  for the first time ever.


Yes, I was the crazy, "Excuse me...pardon me...excuse me...I'm so sorry!!" lady today. 

While taking communion, I choked.  Yep...I choked on the one little swallow of cranberry juice from the tiny plastic cup.  Classy.

After service, while talking with a friend, I spilled the last little bit of what I thought was my empty (and closed) cup of coffee down the front of my mom's dress.  The dress I borrowed this morning, and promised "I won't get dirty.  I'll come right home after church and hang it right back in your closet on this exact little hanger," as I slowly pulled it out of her closet...

On the way out of church, while carrying several boxes, I tripped on a rug.  That Bethany had just said not to trip on.  But she tripped on it, too.

It's really nice to have a best friend who's exactly like you.  I love you, Bethany!!  :)

I think I'm safe now.  I'm finally home, relaxing on my couch.  In a minute, I'll tackle some laundry.  Not much can happen when you're folding laundry.

At least, I hope...  :)

Have a blessed day!!

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  1. What is great is that I watched you climb over the whole row to seat with your it was even funnier now that you blogged about it :P