Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Random Pics

Amerie left this on my bed.  It's a Little People Noah's Ark and erasers the kids got in their Valentine Treat bags.  This is what my kids do...line stuff up and arrange it.  Why play with toys when you can organize them??

If you didn't see this one on facebook...she decided pajama pants weren't really her thing.  Aimee's toe socks are much more her style.  ;-)

This I found on my wall when I went to bed the other night.  Aimee is spending the week at Nana's.  She talked to me repeatedly about watering her plants, to the point that she got an, "Aimee...I've been raising four kids for awhile now.  You're all doing fine.  I can handle watering your plants."  I found this above my pillow that evening.  She also called today to make sure I got her note.  :)  As Grammy says, "Different personalities, Mama..."  


And finally, as I was walking into the room to type out this blog post...

THIS is how my Bubba was watching TV.  Doesn't look very comfortable to me, but it was suiting him just fine!!

I love my kids!!

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